Shutting down Rodgers is the right thing to do…

By Aaron

With the week 15 loss to the (North) Carolina Panthers, the Green Bay Packers were eliminated from playoff contention for the 2017 season. Aaron Rodgers made his return after missing several weeks with a collarbone injury, but he could not save the Packers season as they fell 31-24 to put their record at 7-7.

For the first time in a decade, there will be no playoff football for the Cheeseheads.

As I listened to many sports talk radio shows on Sunday and Monday, fans and show hosts all seemed to share the same sentiment.

“Aaron Rodgers owes it to the fans to start the rest of the season.”

“He gets paid $25 million to play. He needs to be out there.”

“I paid good money to see the Packers play with Rodgers in the lineup; he owes it to us paying customers.”


In many situations, I would be on the side of wanting Aaron to play. However, given the medical risk of continuing to play quarterback, coupled with a campaign that is absolutely lost as far as the postseason goes, the Packer organization is doing the right thing by placing Rodgers on injured reserve (IR).

Packer fans, R-E-L-A-X.

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He’ll be back healthy as ever… next year.

Brett Hundley has shown, in flashes, that he is capable of being the starter for the final two regular season games and has the ability to lead the Pack to an 9-7 record. Or maybe they’d rather tank the final two games to secure better draft position. Either way, starting Brett is the right decision.

Packer fans… if you look deep within yourself and if you truly care about the future of your franchise, you too will see that Mike McCarthy is doing the right thing.
It’s been a truly strange year in Green Bay. Missing a quarterback of that caliber for seven weeks usually signals a torched season for most franchises, but not the Packers. Up until Sunday, Brett Hundley gave them a chance to make the playoffs. Hundley was 3-4 filling in for Mr. Rodgers. Hundley had 1534 passing yards with 8 touchdowns and 8 interceptions.

McCarthy and Green Bay will use the final two games to finish their evaluation of Brett Hundley. The team has very important decisions to make in the next one to two years. Is Brett the heir apparent to Rodgers? If they determine that he is not, will they need to draft a quarterback in one of the next two drafts? This year’s QB class is supposed to be a good one. Might the Packers look at a Josh Allen from Wyoming or Riley Ferguson from Memphis with the very same intentions to groom them the same way they had for Aaron Rodgers a dozen years ago? Does Baker Mayfield head to Lambeau to sit and learn behind AR12 for 2-3 years to learn the system? Ted Thompson has to figure that out fast because the way I see it, Rodgers has 2-4 good years of football left in him.

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