Your NFL MVP courtesy of the Vegas Squares

By Aaron

The NFL season hasn’t been without it’s fair share of drama and storylines. But let’s set aside all that political and soap opera nonsense and shine a light on the amazing individual performances that happened around the league. The word value carries different meaning to everyone you ask. However, one thing is for certain. The NFL franchises that these 5 candidates play for definitely know the value they’ve meant to their club. All five are deserving of this award in their own way, but the MVP only goes to one guy each year. Let’s take a look at the candidates.


See the source imageTom Brady – They say once you hit 40, it’s all down hill from there. Well don’t tell that to Tom Brady. What does Brady do after joining the 40 club? Oh, only 4300+ yards with 30 touchdowns enroute to another playoff appearance and first round bye. All this with the swirling distractions of Jimmy Garoppolo, the Belichick/Guerrero feud, and a subpar defense. Brady looks as good as ever as he heads into the NFL’s second season.

Todd Gurley – The resurgence of Gurley has put the Los Angeles Rams ahead of schedule, capturing the NFC West crown and headed into the 2017 playoffs. The Georgia product amassed 1300+ yards rushing with 13 tds while catching 64 passes for 780 yards and 6 more touchdowns. He won many peoples fantasy leagues for them. Not sure how THAT would affect MVP voters but hey, add it to the resume. Gurley’s stellar season allowed new coach Sean McVay to take pressure off Jared Goff, allowing him to develop into a fine starting QB very quickly.

Carson Wentz – Wentz seemed like a clear runaway for the MVP until being shelved with a torn ACL against the LA Rams. Despite missing the final three weeks of the season, Wentz still managed to throw for 3300 yards and 33 tds. His numbers are definitely still MVP worthy despite his time missed. The Eagles were 11-2 with Wentz at the helm, and many folks believe Philly’s Super Bowl chances have gone out the window without #11 behind center.

Antonio Brown – Another 100 catch season for Antonio Brown. Just another day at the office for @AB84. The man makes spectacular catches game in and game out and is the focal point of the Steelers offense no matter who is covering him. Brown had 100+ catches 1500+ yards and 9 tds. It’s extremely hard for a WR to win this award, as it seems to be a quarterback’s award lately, but if any non-QB is most deserving of the award each year, it’s Antonio.

Case Keenum – Case Keenum didn’t necessarily burst on to the scene. His time spent in LA and Houston was, for lack of a better word, serviceable. Keenum signed with Minnesota to be a backup and eventually 3rd stringer when Teddy Bridgewater was due to come back from injury. But Teddy wasn’t ready when Sam Bradford inevitably went down with an injury. So, it was Keenum who was inserted as the starter in Week 2 and Minnesota fans let out a collective sigh as they figured “another lost season in the books”. Case Keenum had other plans, posting an 11-3 record with 3300 yards and 21 tds. He led the Vikings to an NFC North title and has his sights set on getting the Vikings to a Super Bowl in their home stadium.



And the winner is…


The GOAT strikes again


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