Your Defensive Rookie of the Year presented by Vegas Squares

In today’s post, we are going to focus on the future stars on the defensive side of the ball. The Defensive Rookie of the Year candidates were all picked in the first round of April’s draft. So let’s take a look at the nominees:

Myles Garrett @MylesLGarrett – Garrett was the number one overall pick in this year’s draft and he has performed very admirably for the winless Browns. The 0-15 thing, that’s not all his fault. The organization has been a train wreck since it’s reincarnation nearly 20 years ago. In 10 games this season, Garrett recorded 6 sacks and 1 fumble recovery. He will hope to have far more impact during his sophomore season.

Adoree Jackson @AdoreeKnows – was selected 18th by the Tennessee Titans and produced immediately on defense and special teams. Jackson had 65 tackles, 15 passes defended and 2 forced fumbles. He had 728 yards in the return game as well. He helped solidify a Titans defense that carried the Titans anemic offense all year. Zero INTs this season, but picks aren’t the only statistic to judge a cornerback by. Revis Island wasn’t always full of INTs either.

Tre’Davious White @TreWhite16 – Unfortunately White will probably only be remembered for one thing this season, and that is being the guy that Rob Gronkowski sucker punched to earn himself a one game suspension. But quietly, the 27th overall pick from LSU, White has had a solid rookie campaign. He has posted 62 tackles, 4 INTs, 22 passes defended, 2 fumble recoveries and 1 defensive touchdown. He did miss one game due to the concussion he suffered at the hands of Gronkowski. The Bills are in, what I call, “Competitive Rebuilding” Mode right now and White is a key piece in the secondary for the future.

Marshon Lattimore @shonrp2– Ohio State may need to change its name to Defensive Back University. Since 2000, there have been 27 DBs chosen in the NFL Draft out of Ohio State. Many of them have gone in the first round as well, such as Marshon Lattimore. Lattimore, the 11th overall pick, led a group of three OSU DBs drafted in the first round last April (Hooker, Conley). Lattimore was a key piece in the monumental turnaround of New Orleans historically bad defenses of the last 10 years. Lattimore has 49 tackles, 5 INTs, 22 passes defended and 1 defensive touchdown.

And the winner is…

MARSHON LATTIMORE is the Vegas Squares Defensive Rookie of the Year for 2017

Statistics provided by: CBS Sports

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