July 7 Betting Angles

There are pitchers that we think ARE good, and then there are pitchers that ARE profitable. Today is a day when one of those profitable pitchers toes the slab at home. His team is not a contender, but neither is his opponent.

The matchup:

Cole Hamels, Texas vs. MIKE FIERS, Detroit

If you looked at this matchup, you would certainly think that Hamels has the upper hand. But, if you dive into the game, you would see that there is lots to like about the Tigers today. First off, the Tigers have the second best BA (.274) against lefties. Last I checked (circa 2006), Hamels was a southpaw. Believe it or not, things have not changed. The Rangers meanwhile, rank 28th (.233) in all of baseball vs. righties. I know, I know, we are in the OPS age now. They rank 23rd (.708) in that category. The Tigers OPS (.771) ranks sixth vs. lefties. If you bet Cole Hamels in all of his  (17) starts this season, you would be down 2.79 units. Meanwhile, if you had backed Mike Fiers in all of his (16) starts this season, you would be up 9.32 units. Am I not persuading you yet? Mike Fiers is actually the second most profitable starter in all of MLB so far in 2018.

Today’s play: Tigers +105

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