NL All Star Breakdown

“Of Course Starling is an All-Star”

A Breakdown of the NL All-Star Team

(Part Two)

By Andrew Parks

The Fans’ Picks

C – Wilson Contreras, Chicago – .279, 7, 34, .453, .820 OPS – His competition is JT Realmuto who has slashed .317, 12, 41, and .551 SLG. Realmuto is the obvious choice here. Bad, bad, bad, Fans. Thumbs Way Down.

1b – Freddie Freeman, Atlanta – .313, 16, 60, .404 OBP, .536 SLG – I’ve been saying he’s the best hitter in the NL for three years now, and he’s putting up another great year.  Jesus Aguilar and Paul Goldschmidt are right there with him so Freeman’s start is not as cut and dry as it seems. Aguilar has had the better all-around season offensively, but Freeman is clearly the more polished player. I wouldn’t be opposed to Aguilar starting but I like Freeman better. Thumbs Up.

2b – Javier Baez, Chicago – .289, 18, 66, 17 SB are impressive stats for the young player.  He’s exciting. He’s fun to watch, and any moment Baez can do something in a game that seems impossible.  He’s what the All-Star game was made for, and though Scooter Gennett and Ozzie Albies have had comparable seasons, Baez deserves to be the starter. And let’s hope we see one of his patented swim slides. Thumbs Up.

3B – Nolan Arenado, Colorado – .311, 23, 66 and the best defensive third baseman in baseball gets the start and for good reason. Thumbs Up.

SS – Brandon Crawford, San Francisco – .295, 10, 31 are some unimpressive stats for an All-Star starter even if he plays in a canyon for a home stadium.  His perennial Gold Gloves are impressive, and he was the SS for Team USA who won the WBC.  I’m not particularly against him starting but Trevor Story – better offensive stats and a good glove himself, as well as, Trea Turner, have cases.  I won’t argue with the fans here. Thumbs Reluctantly Up.

OF – Nick Markakis, Atlanta – .322, 10, 60, .388 OBP, .492 SLG, 29 2b and 116 hits are giving Markakis a career year at the age of 34.  Shockingly, he’s a first time All-Star which also makes for a great story.  Good for him! Thumbs Way Up!

OF – Bryce Harper, Washington – .213, 23, 58 – He leads the NL outfielders in HRs and his average is way down.  I suppose you could make an argument for Charlie Blackmon but this is Bryce and everybody wants to see him.  Thumbs Up.

OF – Matt Kemp, Los Angeles – .316, 15, 60, .537 SLG – The fans got this one right, and I love it. The Markakis and Kemp picks shows they’re paying attention.  Thumbs Way Up.

NL Reserves

C- Buster Posey, San Francisco – .286, 5, 29 – I don’t get this choice. You see the weak numbers, and he gives the NL three catchers. Who needs three catchers? Give this spot to Starling Marte (.284, 11, 41, 24 SB, .467 SLG).  Thumbs Way Down.

C – JT Realmuto, Miami – .317, 12, 41, .551 SLG should give him the start behind the dish.  Thumbs Up! But should start.

1B – Paul Goldschmidt, Arizona – .284, 21, 52, .390 OBP, .545 SLG – I have no qualms here. Thumbs Up.

1B – Joey Votto, Cincinnati – .292, 9, 48 – I have no idea why he’s here.  He’s a great player but his poor first half should make way for Jose Aguilar here. Thumbs down.

2B – Scooter Gennett, Cincinnati – .326, 15, 58 puts Scooter on the path for another great year.  He deserves this spot. Thumbs Up.

2B – Ozzie Albies, Atlanta – .288, 20, 54, 29 2b – The rookie could be the real deal. He’s having a great season and deserves every bit of this. Thumbs up!

3B – Eugenio Suarez, Cincinnati – .312, 19, 69, .575 – Suarez is on his way to a great year. Thumbs Up!

SS – Trevor Story, Colorado – .288, 18, 63, .544, 12 SB – Story adjusted his swung in an attempt to cut his Ks down and his numbers just continue to add up. Thumbs Up.

OF – Lorenzo Cain, Milwaukee – .294, 8, 27, 17 SB, 50 Runs – Cain was a great addition for the first place Brewers.  He’s the spark plug for this offense. Thumbs Up.

OF – Christian Yelich, Milwaukee – .289, 11, 42, 12 SB – I know the Brewers are having a great season, but that doesn’t mean we have to load the team with them.  I would have liked to see Peralta (.289, 16, 53, .509 SLG) here instead. Thumbs Down.

OF – Charlie Blackmon, Colorado – .280, 20, 44, 70 Runs – Sure. You kn ow he’s going to be among the batting title leaders by the end of the year and this is a solid first half. Thumbs Up.

NL Pitchers

SP – Jacob Degrom, New York – 5-4, 1.68 ERA, 149 K – Too bad the Mets can’t score. Still he’s pitched great. Thumbs Up.

SP – Patrick Corbin, Arizona – 6-3, 3.09, 146 – He’s a K machine and that’s fun to see. Thumbs Up.

SP – Mike Foltynewicz, Atlanta – 7-5, 2.66, 120 – Folty is really putting things together.  A fine first half gives him his first All-Star nod. Thumbs Up.

SP – Zach Greinke, Arizona – 9-3, 3.35, 117

SP – John Lester, Chicago – 11-2, 2.45, 81 – Lester is getting back together. An amazing first half makes an All-Star again. Thumbs Up.

SP – Miles Mikolas, St. Louis – 10-3, 2.65, 81 – Mikolas has blossomed into an ace for the Cards. Thumbs Up.

SP – Max Scherzer, Washington – 12-5, 2.41, 180 – Well, duh. Thumbs Up.

SP – Ross Stripling, Los Angeles – 8-2, 2.36, 91 in 80 IP – Stripling has pitched extremely well this half, and is a deserving All-Star. Thumbs Up.

SP – Aaron Nola, Philadelphia – 12-2, 2.27, 126 – Nola is finally figuring it out, and man is he having a great year! Can’t wait to see him throw in the game. Thumbs Way Up.

RP – Sean Doolitle, Washington – 3-2, 1.25, 22 Saves – He’s been lights out. Thumbs Up.

RP – Josh Hader, Milwaukee – 2-0, 1.85, 7 Saves, 85 K in 46.1 IP. Look at those K’s in IP. Wow. Thumbs Way Up.

RP – Brad Hand, San Diego – 2-4, 2.91, 24 Saves – San Diego’s lone representative is a deserving All-Star! Thumbs Up.

RP – Kenley Jensen, Los Angeles – 0-2, 2.23, 26 Saves – The former catcher is still throwing gas. Thumbs Up.

RP – Felipe Vazquez, Pittsburgh – 3-2, 3.15, 21 Saves – I don’t like this. If we put Marte on for Posey, then we add Adam Ottavino (Colorado). The 32-year-old has been stellar this year: 4-2, 1.69, 2 Saves, 42.2 IP, 64 K. Thumbs Down.

Add on – Jesus Aguilar, Milwaukee – .307, 24, 68, .375 OBP, .604 SLG – He should have been put on before Votto, giving us a different add-on.  I like Max Muncy (.272, 21, 39, .414 OBP, .606 SLG). Ever since coming to Los Angeles, he’s done nothing but rake.

My NL All-Star Team

C – Realmuto, Contreras

1B – Freeman, Aguilar, Goldschmidt, Muncy

2B – Baez, Gennett, Albies

3B – Arenado, Suarez

SS – Crawford, Story

OF – Markakis, Harper, Kemp, Cain, Peralta, Marte, Blackmon

SP – DeGrom, Corbin, Foltynewicz, Greinke, Lester, Mikolas, Scherzer, Nola, Stripling

RP – Doolittle, Hader, Hand, Jensen, Ottavino




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