Who will lead the NFL in receiving yards in 2018?

The Wide Receiver position, much like the Running Backs, has become more of a position by committee in recent years for most franchises. Only 15 players had 1,000+ receiving yards in 2017, compared to 25 players in 2016. In this article we will take a look at some guys who could have value in winning the reception yards title in 2018.

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DeAndre Hopkins +900

Hopkins finally has a true weapon at Quarterback that can make Hopkins a much more dynamic player. That’s saying a lot considering Hopkins is already pretty freakin awesome already. DeShaun Watson has the arm strength and the scrambling ability to make Hopkins a deep threat as well as the ability to break from routes and find open room when plays break down. Combined with Will Fuller’s ability to take away some double teams from DeAndre, I see Hopkins in line for an ~ 150 yard increase to his 2017 total (1378) which should put him near the top of the category at seasons end.

Adam Thielen +1600

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Thielen had 1276 yards last season with Case Keenum and Co. under center. Insert Kirk Cousins and now Adam has a legitimate chance at adding up to 500 yards on to that total. He has increased production each year he has been in the league.  Though Thielen has led the team in receiving yards for two consecutive years, he and teammate Stefon Diggs are often thought of interchangeably atop the team’s receiving depth chart. Diggs is likely in line for a big payday sometime in the next year, whether it’s an extension with the Vikings or through free agency. I’m sure Thielen would like to get one more large contract when he’s due in a few years too. A solid 2018 would definitely help.

T.Y. Hilton +2000

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Hilton had 966 yards receiving last season, even with the dumpster fire that surrounded him. In 2016, he lead the league in receiving (1448 yds) when Luck was under center. Fast forward to 2018, and Luck should be back which means it’s time to feed T.Y. the ball ALOT. I look for Hilton to definitely get back above the 1000 yard plateau and, if Luck remains the starter, finish near the 1400-1500 mark again this season. Good value for a sneaky good receiver who flies under a lot of peoples radar.

Jarvis Landry +18500

Image result for jarvis landry browns

Lottery Ticket Alert!!!

Landry had 112 catches and 987 yards with Miami last year. 8.8 ypc is not great for a #1 receiver. Now, in Cleveland, he is paired with this revamped Browns offense and has one of the most dangerous receivers on the other side in Josh Gordon, who will command double teams. He has a better QB this year as well (Tyrod Taylor) so he should be able to haul in close to 90 balls. My best guess is that he will finish between 900-1100 yards, which won’t be good enough, but you never know. He may just blow up with the change of scenery and have 1400-1600 yards. Sprinkle a few singles on Jarvis. You’ve spent more on less… I’m sure of it.

Image result for antonio brown
Antonio Brown – 1533 yards in 2017 (led the NFL)

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