Division Champion Prop Bets – NFC West



RAMS -150

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The Rams are loaded with firepower on both sides of the ball and, based on the odds, they seem to be the clear favorites to run away with the division. Goff took a giant leap forward with a new coaching change. Sean McVay has instilled a sense of youth, improvisation and exhilaration in the play calling and Goff responded. Adding weapons like Brandin Cooks, to replace the mundane Sammy Watkins, only helps Goff. Playmakers were added on the defensive side of the ball in Ndamukong Suh, Aqib Talib and Marcus Peters. The defense should still be pretty solid even if Aaron Donald misses any significant time. The first place schedule won’t be easy, with road games against Oakland, Denver and New Orleans and home games against the Chargers, Minnesota, Green Bay and Philly.


49ERS +250

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Alright Jimmy G, no more hiding behind your potential. You’ve won some NFL games and now your paid like an elite NFL quarterback. The 49ers fans are looking for anything to jump on. It’s been dark days since Super Bowl 47. Garoppolo’s targets leave much to be desired however Marquise Goodwin is emerging as a quality playmaker in Kyle Shanahan’s offense. New RB Jerick McKinnon was brought in to provide a pass catcher out of the backfield but he is a “C” quality running back who was way overpaid. The defense finished in the 20’s in many stat categories last year and figures to be about the same this year. I’m not sure this team is quite ready to take the next step.



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The Seahawks are a forgotten team coming into this season, and that’s understandable given the departure of most of their core and the breakup of the “Legion of Boom”. But I won’t count out a team that has Russell Wilson, who lead the team in passing AND rushing last season. Not good. But Seattle addressed that need by drafting Rashaad Penny from San Diego State in this April’s draft. The offensive line, if completely healthy, looks very improved from last season. The receiving corps, after Doug Baldwin, have a lot to prove this year. The defense is a question mark but there’s a lot of young talent hungry to compete, including the Griffin twins. The schedule won’t be a cakewalk but most of their tougher non-division games are at home (Dallas, Chargers, Vikings, Chiefs).



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If Sam Bradford at 1 year – $20 million was the answer… the question must’ve been how can we be the biggest train wreck the NFL has ever seen outside of Cleveland, Ohio? The only upside I can see in this approach is developing your future franchise QB without having to throw him to the wolves, whilst also getting a top-10 pick in next years draft. There’s not a lot in the cupboard in Arizona and a total rebuild looks in order. It’s a shame to see Larry Fitzgerald go through this during his twilight years. Watch me get this way wrong and Bradford tosses 38 TDs and David Johnson rushes for 2,000 yards.


Something about the Rams just doesn’t sit well with me. They brought in some low character guys in Suh, Talib and Peters and I just get this feeling that if something goes wrong early this locker room could turn ugly. I find value in the Seahawks right here, despite the preseason “turmoil”. I think a lot of Seattle’s issues are overblown by the inability of Richard Sherman to shut his mouth. I, unlike many, like the Rashaad Penny pickup and I have a lot of faith in Russell Wilson. San Fran’s just not ready, so I like Seattle here.

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