The Age of the Wide Receiver is Here

by Vincent Pensabene


Quarterbacks make the most money for a NFL franchise, that’s not questionable. However, the best player isn’t the quarterback in some situations. The quarterback might make your favorite franchise win championships (Tom Brady, Drew Brees, etc.) but a special wide receiver can do the trick as well.

Take for example, Minnesota Vikings Adam Theilen who is a Pro Bowler only one year in his career thus far. However, he has emerged as the best wide receiver in the league Image result for adam thielenright now with seven consecutive games with at least 100 yards receiving. He’s doing this with a mediocre quarterback in Kirk Cousins. Theilen is on pace to have over 1,700 receiving yards by the end of the season. He is partnered with Stefon Diggs so this Vikings team is a huge contender on the offensive side without a star quarterback on the roster.

Another example is AJ Green out of Cincinnati. He is an established receiver recording at least 1,000 receiving yards every year in the league except in 2016 when he was out for six games. Who has been his quarterback? Andy Dalton. Dalton is by no means a scrub but isn’t a player who will win your team an extra game or two with his arm.  

Image result for aj green

Receivers are now the most important position in football. Look at the Dallas Cowboys as they do not have any big name receivers and Dak Prescott has only eclipsed 250 passing yards twice this season. Dallas is struggling to run the ball because of their one-dimensional offense at times. Is it a question that football is evolving to more of who is throwing the pass and to who is catching the pigskin?

The NFL has figured out what a catch is and is not finally. The receivers are able to make spectacular one-handed catches and make their quarterback look even better than they are. It is no question this is not always the case, but it is time to realize the age of the wide receiver is here to stay.


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